The ACCUflo Customer Service Team
Overcomes the Fear of Transition

Transitioning from a paper process to an electronic, computer process can be scary
and difficult to accept. Andrea Swinson’s biggest concern with learning a new process was
the possibility of mistakes. “I’ll be perfectly honest, I was not the most accepting of a computer MAR,“ stated Andrea Swinson, Resident Care Coordinator at Spring Arbor of Wilmington. “Honestly, I liked the paper MAR and I was skeptical and didn’t want to make any changes.
But when we got started with ACCUflo, their top notch Customer Service Team was
always ready and willing to walk us through any questions, problems, or concerns.
Whenever we called they knew we were learning, were compassionate and helpful,
and didn’t make us feel like we should know it all.

”Because the Spring Arbor staff was learning a new method for medication administration,
Andrea was pleased how well the ACCUflo support team built confidence in the facility staff.
“The Customer Service Department was so helpful; they made the transition so easy.
When we called, they could actually see what we were doing on our computer, they walked us through our concerns, and never once made us feel stupid or dumb. They gave us
the confidence we needed to use their electronic MAR, and as a result of their
consideration, we are successful with ACCUflo.”


Andrea Swinson,
Resident Care Coordinator

Spring Arbor of Wilmington,
Assisted Living Community