ACCUflo Prevents Human Errors with Medication Distribution

Chris Caldwell, Assistant Director of Nursing at an Ethica Center, Hartwell Heath and Rehab,
has seen lots of changes in her years of nursing. One of her biggest concerns is making sure medications are distributed safely and correctly. “After 30 years of nursing, I’ve seen
a lot of things happen,” noted Chris Caldwell. ”Human error occurs when you are
putting pen to paper, especially if you get interrupted in the process of
hand recording medications. I’m well aware of the danger of medication
being transcribed incorrectly.

”Nurses at Hartwell Heath and Rehab run a busy schedule. Knowing they don’t
have to worry about handwritten medication transcription errors is a relief. “The electronic medication software that we use is “a pharmacy generated process,” the medication
order is received from the physician (this is the only step that is written, but it
must be verified with the physician if taken over the phone. We prefer that the physician
write the order). The order is then faxed to the pharmacy, they enter the order
into the electronic system, we have to give final approval of the order before it can
be placed on the eMAR to be dispensed. There is no longer pen to paper transcription to a medication record at the facility.” And we have the “checks and balances” of two entities reviewing the medication order before it can be dispensed to the patient. We know
we are giving the right medication to the right patient at the right time and
it’s the right dose. It’s a great relief using the ACCUflo solution to provide
safer medication distribution here at Hartwell Heath and Rehab.”


Chris Caldwell,
Assistant Director of Nursing

Hartwell Health & Rehab,
Skilled Care Community