Creative Strategies Launches statDISPENSE:  Smart, Affordable, Automated Padlock Technology

Mobile Application Provides a Safer, Cost-Effective Way to Dispense Emergency Medication 

Louisville, KY - March 14, 2017

Creative Strategies unveils statDISPENSE, a smart padlock technology that turns traditional emergency medicine kits, or “tackle box” exchange systems, into a fully automated dispensing and tracking device that integrates medical record keeping and inventory management into an affordable, simple-to-use device.  statDISPENSE is operated by authorized caregivers through an intuitive mobile application that automates record keeping, billing and chain of custody while improving efficiency, security and accountability, making it easier for senior living and long-term care operators along with their preferred pharmacies to focus on the residents’ quality of life.

Long-term care and senior living facilities have a growing need for safe and immediate access to first-dose and emergency medication, including controlled substances.  statDISPENSE offers a streamlined system that aids facilities and pharmacies in regulatory compliance and security while drastically reducing the chance for medication errors. Regulations for managing emergency medicine kits vary from state to state, with some states requiring only 24 hours to safely access, replace and update drug inventory.


statDISPENSE fits on any type of “tackle box” system and is controlled by a mobile app on any iOS supported device such as iPhone or iPad. The software tracks every step in the process, ensuring that authorized caregivers can access the medication quickly and safely. The system tracks when medication is removed from the storage system and administered to each resident, maximizing control while limiting liability through comprehensive, automated record keeping.


statDISPENSE is also ideal for pharmacies and long-term care facilities. When they manage inventory from an emergency medication kit located at the facility, statDISPENSE tracks when the kit is opened, who opened it and what was removed. The system eliminates cumbersome paperwork and physical inventory management to ensure accurate inventory control, timely billing and regulatory compliance.


"statDISPENSE is a very innovative approach to automating the manual process related to emergency medication commonly in use by many long-term care pharmacies and their senior care clients," said Jim Pierce, industry consultant and Principal with J Pierce Group LLC. "Due to its flexibility and affordability, this technology offers an opportunity to achieve greater efficiency and a rapid return on investment in situations where other more costly approaches may not."


Until now, there have only been two options for long-term care facilities, senior living communities and pharmacies to manage emergency and first-dose medications for residents: paper-based “tackle box” systems or expensive medication cabinets or carts. The paper-based “tackle box” system, while inexpensive, presents a host of security problems. Anyone can access the box and there is no tracking mechanism to tell who, when or if residents received their proper medication in proper doses. Documentation can be misplaced and when the paper trail is lost, thousands of dollars are lost.  In addition, there is no efficient way to track off-site inventory. Medication carts solve some problems; however, they can be complicated for caregivers to use and are often very expensive, with a single cabinet costing thousands of dollars.


“If a caregiver or pharmacy technician can check the weather with an iPhone, they can operate statDISPENSE,” said Jerry Merritt, CEO Creative Strategies. “The technology eliminates human error that can result from manual record keeping, making inventory control and regulatory compliance much easier and more efficient. Once medication is administered, facilities and pharmacies are notified in real-time ensuring inventory tracking and automatic billing.  In many cases, this product can even reduce the need for expensive cart systems.”


statDISPENSE technology is currently available and is being used by pharmacies, long-term care facilities and senior living communities across the country.


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