ACCUflo Version 5 is Available, Upgrade Now.

ACCUflo measurably reduces medication related errors.

• Strong integration with pharmacy systems ensures order
  accuracy and appropriateness.


• Easily handles complex medication orders such as those
  containing multiple SIGs with alternating or tapering doses.


• Alerts notify caregivers when medications, treatments or
  care tasks are missed.


• Barcode scanning confirms correct medications in
  appropriate doses are given to the proper residents.

ACCUflo simplifies caregiver

tasks and workflow.


• Icons offer at-a-glance status of routine and as
   needed medications, treatments, and care tasks due.


• Color coded, time based workflow guides
   caregivers in administering medications and care
   tasks when due.


• Photo based profiles aid caregivers in identifying
   residents, their current status, and any special
   care directives.


ACCUflo ensures compliance and enables "survey readiness".

• Every medication, treatment, behavior and care task record
   is fully documented and permanently retained in the system.


• Extensive reporting of clinical, regulatory, and quality
   information supports analysis and continuous
   improvement efforts.


• Controlled substances are safeguarded by requiring
   accurate counts by shift, by caregiver. 





statDISPENSE significantly reduces
inefficiencies and costs.

• Eliminates manual, error prone paper processes typically used to
manage first-dose and emergency medications.


• Reduces costs for expedited courier deliveries because real-time communication occurs each time inventory is consumed.

• Substantially lowers likelihood of drug diversions with software controlled
access to inventory requiring user authentication.

statDISPENSE markedly
accelerates billing and payments.

• Complete, accurate electronic billing records are captured and
immediately sent to the pharmacy each and every time emergency inventory
is accessed.


• Eliminates billing delays due to missing or incomplete paper
documentation of inventory consumed.

statDISPENSE measurably
improves inventory control.

• Flexible options allow use with electronically controlled medication
cart systems or alternatively with conventional tacklebox kits through a
simple, low-cost software controlled lock.


• Secure controlled substances with optional two-party
witness authentication.


• Strong integration with pharmacy systems enables on-demand inventory replenishment rather than complete inventory exchange.

Implementation services offer turnkey success.

• We work with you to assess staff and facility readiness
   and create a mutually agreed upon implementation plan
   tailored to your needs.


• Skilled project leaders manage all aspects of the project,

   including any hardware and software setup and installation,
   to minimize impact to your staff.


• At Go-Live, we  provide onsite trainers to transfer knowledge
   and shadow your team to ensure success.


Comprehensive training options ensure lasting results.

• We offer many educational approaches to assist your
   staff in achieving proficiency. Training options include a
online learning curriculum, interactive webinars,
onsite sessions, and onsite shadowing of staff.

• Recognizing that staff “know-how“ must be sustained amid

   turnover, we work with you to chart an appropriate ongoing

   educational plan to ensure lasting success.

customer service,
all day, every day.

• After Go-Live, we assign a dedicated account
  representative to act as a concierge to assist with
  any post implementation needs.


• We offer 24 hour access, via email and phone,
  to our team of product support experts – every day
  including weekends and holidays.


• The product support team is solely staffed with
  employees working directly in our Louisville, Kentucky
  corporate office