ACCUflo Provides Vital Information Right at your Fingertips​

At Spring Arbor in Durham, several times a week the residents leave the facility for visits
to the doctor. Typical visits outside of the community require vital information to be sent along with each resident. Prior to using the ACCUflo solution, Spring Arbor relied on
handwritten notes or bad copies.

“ACCUflo is a life saver and time saver,” stated Sharon Cox, Resident Care Coordinator,
Spring Arbor of Durham. “We can print out exactly what we need– vitals, blood sugar, you
name it, ACCUflo prints it. Not to mention, we no longer need to use the copy machine or lose time with interruptions while copying a paper MAR.

”Besides efficiency, the Spring Arbor staff can utilize ACCUflo to easily print exactly what is needed for the doctor. “It’s really a much more accurate version for each patient,” noted Cox. “It’s easier for the doctor to read, it take just a few seconds to get it ready, and ACCUflo’s easy access to information has saved Spring Arbor time. Plus, we can offer the doctor the entire report or provide specifically requested information. ACCUflo gives us options.”


Sharon Cox,
Resident Care Coordinator

Spring Arbor of Durham,
Assisted Living Community